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Push Button and Timer

The simplest and often the most effective form switching at the gateway is by means of a weatherproof push button. Two of these are generally installed, one on the outside for entry and one on the inside for exit. They can be positioned anywhere to suit your individual installation and are normally put on the right hand side of the entrance when coming in and on a button post on the driveway, so as to be reached from the vehicle driver’s window, on exit. These ‘DOC P’ weatherproof push buttons are often used in conjunction with a timeswitch.


The times at which the gateway can be opened by these buttons may be restricted to accommodate regular deliveries and garbage collection and in this way, once the timeswitch has cut off the pushbuttons, only the people who have the authority to enter will be able to pass through the entrance, with remote controls or other forms of switching. The timeswitch has a 72 hour battery back-up in case of a power cut. This simple, but effective method of switching, always ensures that a pair of closed gates will be presented to passers-by, but at the same time allows limited access to “bonafide” visitors and for deliveries.