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About CAME

CAME (pronounced CAM-AY) is Europe's leader in electro mechanical automation systems with over 30 years experience. The success of CAME is based on the quality of the products and the relationship with the customers.

Established in 1972, CAME's first workshop was installed at “Dosson di Casier”, close to the ancient walled city of Treviso, just 20 km from Venice, Italy.

Over its three decades of operations in both Italy and internationally, CAME first gained and consolidated leadership in electromechanical automation in terms of size, corporate organisation, product range and customer support. Above all, CAME is a leader because of its capacity to innovate and consistently carry out research. CAME guarantees its products' distribution and support worldwide through its branches in England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the United States.

CAME UK's offices in Stoke ensure that Enterprise Gates & Railings can always get hold of replacement parts in the shortest time, or additional keyfobs at the cheapest prices.

Visit www.cameuk.com